Thursday, 4 August 2011

DVD of Otto von Habsburg’s funeral

On Monday Austrian television ORF will release a DVD containing parts of their excellent broadcast from the funeral of Otto von Habsburg, the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, in Vienna on 18 July.
A DVD of a funeral may perhaps sound a bit morbid at first, but this will also be a historical documentation of the last time the Austro-Hungarian imperial ceremonial was enacted.
The DVD may be ordered from their webshop (external link).


  1. Thank you for this tip, sir.

    I got the DVD from the ORF store in Vienna, after having been sent by a tourist information officer to the ORF Zentrum, which is somewhere else, and which BTW is a fortress -- a gated and walled-in area.

    NRK's Marienlyst complex in Oslo is refreshingly open in comparison.

    You wouldn't happen to know, sir, if the documentary run on screens in Vienna before the funeral is also available?

  2. I gather "the documentary run on screens in Vienna before the funeral" would be the documentary on funerals which was also broadcast on TV earlier in the day? Anyhow I am afraid the answer seems to be no. All 695 DVDs available from ORF may be found at the following link, but I cannot see any such thing:

  3. It was a documentary on Archduke Otto, rather than a documentary on funerals, as I perceived it, but it did have something on Empress Zita's funeral.

    The lady at the ORF store in Vienna last week didn't know of any availability of it either.

  4. Ah yes, now I remember - first there was a documentary on funerals, then one on the life of Otto von Habsburg and then the coverage of the actual funeral.


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