Friday, 27 May 2011

New books: The European monarchies of today

Royale Europe is the title of the latest book of Peter Conradi, a journalist at Sunday Times and co-author of The King’s Speech, published earlier this month by Plon of Paris. The book opens with the execution of Louis XVI in 1793, but this is not a chronological history of monarchies in Europe since then.
Rather, it is more of an account of those European monarchies (mainly the seven kingdoms and Monaco, while Luxembourg and Liechtenstein fall somewhat into the background) which have survived the turbulence of the past 200 years and of the events and developments which have led to the situations in which they find themselves today.
As I have contributed to the book I am obviously not in a position to write a review of it, but I will take the liberty to recommend it, as it draws on a wealth of information in several languages to present a well-written and informative overview of European monarchy today.
For those who prefer a Scandinavian language to French I can add that Forum will publish a Swedish translation, titled simply Kungligt, in September. There will also be a Dutch translation.

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