Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prince William appointed Colonel of Irish Guards

The Queen of Britain today appointed her grandson Prince William Colonel of the Irish Guards, Buckingham Palace has announced (external link).
The Prince otherwise holds the rank of Captain in the Army (the Blues and Royals) and Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. His appointment to Colonel of the Irish Guards, of which Queen Elizabeth II is Colonel-in-Chief, is an honorary rank, but it means that he may join the Prince of Wales (Colonel of the Welsh Guards) and the Duke of Kent (Colonel of the Scots Guards) in riding behind the Queen’s carriage at the Sovereign’s Birthday Parade. Perhaps he might also wear the uniform for his wedding in two and a half months?
Prince William succeeds Major-General Sir Sebastian Roberts, who has been Colonel since 2008. Among previous Colonels of the regiment are Field Marshals Roberts, Kitchener and Alexander and Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, who, having himself served with the regiment, held the rank from 1984 until his abdication from the throne in 2000. Prince William will be the first British royal to be Colonel of the Irish Guards.

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