Monday, 20 September 2010

Centre-right retains power in the city of Stockholm – and a Nazi elected elsewhere

Yesterday’s Swedish election was not only a general election, but regional and local elections were held on the same day. An interesting outcome of the local elections is that the centre-right coalition which has governed the city of Stockholm during the last four years won a renewed majority, which has not happened since 1954. This must count as another sign of the deep crisis which has afflicted the Social Democrats.
Even more hair-raising than the fact that the right-wing extremists the Sweden Democrats won 20 seats in Parliament and are thereby able to tip parliamentary balance is the fact that a Nazi won a seat in a democratically elected assembly for the first time after World War II. With 2.8 % of the local vote the Swedes’ Party, until last year known as the National Socialist Front, won one seat in the municipal assembly of Grästorp in Westrogothia (Västergötland).
The photo shows the City Hall in Stockholm.

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