Sunday, 25 July 2010

Countess Ruth of Rosenborg has died

Just as I landed at the airport back home from holiday tonight I received the sad news that Countess Ruth of Rosenborg died this afternoon. The Countess, who turned 85 last year, had been ill for some time.
Countess Ruth was the daughter-in-law of Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha of Denmark. Her late husband, the former Prince Flemming, forfeited his royal title and his place in the succession to the throne when he married her in 1949.
Over the years I have had much contact with Countess Ruth, who was always a great help for me in my work on the history of the Scandinavian royal families. Having belonged to the extended royal family since her engagement in 1948, she was among the few survivors to have known such long-dead figures as King Haakon VII or Queen Mary and from her I obtained much valuable information.
I will write more about her life later.

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