Saturday, 29 May 2010

Count Christian Bernadotte marries at Mainau

The Palace of Mainau some days ago announced that Count Christian Bernadotte af Wisborg and Christine Stoltmann married at the South German island palace last Saturday. A religious blessing of the marriage will take place at a later date which has not yet been set.
After two years as a couple Christian Bernadotte and Christine Stoltmann became engaged during last year’s summer holiday in Sweden and expect their first child in August. While Count Christian studies philosophy and sociology at the University of Constance his wife works as a nurse in Münsterlingen in Switzerland.
Count Christian is the youngest son of the former Prince Lennart of Sweden, who celebrated his 70th birthday shortly before his son’s birth. Prince Lennart forfeited his right to the Swedish throne and was deprived of his royal titles when he married a commoner, Karin Nissvandt, in 1932. In 1951 he received the Luxembourgian title Count af Wisborg. Christian is one of the five children of Lennart Bernadotte’s second marriage to Sonja Haunz. The groom’s parents died in 2004 and 2008, aged respectively 95 and 64.

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