Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Carl XII’s grave to be opened again

The Office of the Marshal of the Realm has approved plans for opening King Carl XII’s sarcophagus in the Riddarholmen Church in Stockholm. King Carl XII was killed by a bullet during the siege of the Norwegian fortress Frederiksten on 30 November 1718 and ever since there has been speculation about whether he was killed by a Norwegian or a Swedish bullet. This dispute scientists now hope to be able to solve by examining the King’s body.
Carl XII’s sarcophagus have been opened three times already, most recently in 1917, but since then scientific techniques have of course improved considerably. The scientists now need to submit to the Marshal of the Realm a detail plan of how they intend to do their tests and to secure funding (some 700,000-800,000 SEK) for their work before they can go ahead. The tests are expected to take about two weeks and may take place next year.

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