Friday, 11 September 2009

Ari Behn gets a new grandfather

The newspapers Dagbladet and Nordlys today report that the King of Norway’s son-in-law, the author Ari Behn, has got a new grandfather – or rather, a different one from what had earlier been thought.
Behn’s father, Olav Bjørshol, discovered through a DNA test last year that he man he had always considered his father, Bjarne Bjørshol, was in fact not his biological father. At the time he had no idea who his real father was. It has now been established that it is Terje Erling Ingebrigtsen, a 76-year-old living in Tromsø with his wife Helen. They have already received a visit from Olav Bjørshol and his wife Marianne Solberg Behn.
The discovery means that Ingebrigtsen is the great-grandfather of Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora and Emma Tallulah Behn, fifth, sixth and seventh in line of succession to the Norwegian throne. (The girls are described as princesses by the two newspapers, but in fact have no titles whatsoever).

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